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Semi-Automatic Block Making Machine

We at Noah Intelligent Equipment are engaged in factory direct sales, selling our semi-automated block making machine directly to you at a price lower than the average. Cutting out the middleman helps us shorten the delivery cycle and control the end cost of our block making machine. That is why many customers have gradually learned to rely on us for their concrete block production solutions.

Model QT3-30 concrete brick making machine epitomizes the classic style of NOAH’s miniature brick maker. While requiring only a small investment, the concrete block maker brings significant revenue for years to come. If you are a beginning brick supplier, this miniature brick maker could be one of your best bets. With different molds, model QT3-30 can pound out various sizes of floor tiles and air bricks.

Features of Semi-Automated Block Making Machine
1. Operating on a powerful hydraulic system, the semi-automatic block making machine comes with many valves along its hydraulic circuit.
2. Using ultra-strong welding technology, the machine boasts solid construction with imported components. It is highly reliable to operate and easy to maintain.
3. Unique hopper design comes with an arch collapse mechanism that prevents arching of concrete material thereby ensuring a smooth material flow through the hopper outlet.
4. When the hopper (some may call it the filler box) is moved right above the molds, an oscillating screen forces material through the outlet and to reach the mold. The screen is essential for smooth material flow and even distribution of material over the molds. The amount of material in each mold should be accurate so that the resulting brick has strength and weight meeting related standards.
5. Model QT3-30 brick production machine offers great flexibility in using various materials to make the block, such as concrete, fly ash, cinder and slag.

Please note that arching occurs when an obstruction in the shape of an arch forms above the outlet of the hopper.

Brick Specifications Brick Samples pcs/mold pcs/h pcs/8h 1 year (300 days)
Concrete Blocks
71 pcs/m3
3 398 3184 13466
Concrete Blocks
135 pcs/m3
6 597 4780 10623
Dutch Bricks
50 pcs/m2
10 1394 11155 66931
Dog-Bone Pavers
30 pcs/m2
6 796 6374 63112
Zigzag Pavers
9 1195 9561 72619
Perforated Bricks
10 1300 10000 2.9 millionpcs
Solid Bricks
20 2500 20000 5 million pcs
Technical Specifications of Semi-Automated Block Making Machine
Dimension 4550×4350×2250(mm)
Pallet Size 690×550×16(PVC plate)
Weight 3000kg
Vibration Frequency 50-90Hz
Maximum Excitation Force 50KN
Molding Cycle 15-20S
Installed Capacity 16.6KW
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