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Automatic Block Making Machine

QT12-15 automatic block making machine adopts intelligent control which allows ease of operation by users from the main control table. In a regular 8-hour day, model QT12-15 block machine generally pounds out a maximum of 24000 blocks.

Features of QT12-15 Automatic Block Making Machine
1. Steel used to construct this automated concrete block machine totally meets related national industry standards. Components are of industry-leading brands. The electrical system is from German Schneider Company and the solenoid valve from Japanese YUKEN. Properly designed electric circuit ensures the service life of the entire electrical system.
2. Advanced welding technology uses carbon dioxide as a shield gas during welding. The resultant weld is solid, vibration resistant, and able to withstand 6 to 8 years of trouble-free use.
3. Placement of concrete mix is done fast, thanks to the use of German MASA concrete feeding system on the automatic block making machine. The system works best with aggregates and sands, as it fills them into the mold, controls the filling height, and ultimately ensures the final product height is consistent. The direction guide system is from Danish KVM Company. Thanks to the synchromesh gearbox and tamper head guide, it is easy to control the position of the tamper head in a precise manner. The copper sleeve on the guide post (or column) is wear-resistant.
4. Computer-automated material storage system controls the feeding of concrete mix without being affected by external factors or internal material stress, thereby ensuring consistent supply of material to the automatic block making machine. The result is that finished concrete blocks do not vary in strength.

Brick Specifications BrickSamples pcs/mold pcs/h pcs/8h 1 year (300 days)
12 2160 17280 73014m3
21 3780 30240 67200m3
Dutch Bricks
42 7560 60480 362880m2
Dog-bone Pavers
28 5040 40320 399208m2
Zigzag Pavers
30 5400 43200 328101m2
Perforated Bricks
240x115x90 4
30 5400 43200 12.96 million pcs
Solid Bricks
60 10800 86400 25.92 million pcs
Technical Specifications of Automatic Block Making Machine
Dimension 7200×5200×2900(mm)
Size of Pallet 1350×900×30(Bamboo Plywood)
Weight 13100kg
Vibration Frequency 50-90Hz
Maximum Excitation Force 130KN
Molding Cycle 15-20S
Installed Capacity 45KW
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