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Concrete Block Production Line

    1. Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      Whatever the capacity you are looking for on a concrete block production line, please do rest easy that NOAH has the right solution for you. Depending on your budget, factory dimension, and the size of your production run ...

    1. Simple Concrete Block Production Line

      Advanced German MASA feeder system controls material flow rate and works best with material that contains large aggregates or sands. A consistent discharging feed allows material to be uniformly distributed over different molds.

    1. Concrete Block Sample

      For concrete block machine buyers who are in doubt about the quality of either our block making machine or concrete block production line, we sincerely ask you to send us a request for these concrete block samples listed below.

    1. Concrete Block Moulds

      We at NOAH provide a variety of brick making machines, each type capable of producing various concrete blocks via changing concrete block moulds. To better serve customer specific needs for the concrete block mould, we have set up a specialized mould workshop.

For the beginning bricks, blocks or tiles maker or someone looking to get started with this line of building materials business, NOAH’s got something for you! With NOAH concrete block production line, startups don’t need to look for block machines and matched components all over the world. Simply tell us your block specifications and machine capacity and let our engineers to take care of all your requirements. NOAH’s all-in-one concrete block production line, coupled with systematic machine operator training program, allows users to run their business profitably and effortlessly.