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    1. QT3-30 Semi-Automatic Block Making Machine

      We at Noah Intelligent Equipment are engaged in factory direct sales, selling our semi-automated block making machine directly to you at a price lower than the average. Cutting out the middleman ...

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    1. QT4-30 Semi-Automatic Block Making Machine

      When you order from Noah Intelligent Equipment, you get more than just a high quality block making machine. What we deliver as well are consistent services available throughout the profitable ...

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    1. QT4-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

      Model QT4-15 automatic block making machine provides an intelligent operating platform that helps machine operators stay in total control. The brick machine works relatively fast, delivering ...

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    1. QT5-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

      The navy-blue bodywork makes this automated block machine a real eye-catcher. Constructed of quality steel, the concrete block making machine is a rigid welded structure. Advanced PLC system allows ...

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    1. QT6-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

      QT6-15 automatic block making machine is typically used to produce various specifications of floor brick and air brick. Listed below are 3 major parts that make up the block production system.

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    1. QT8-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

      Compared with QT6-15 fully automated model, the QT8-15 automatic block making machine has many desirable features in possession. Users of QT8-15 are free to select which stage ...

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    1. QT9-15E Automatic Block Making Machine

      If you are in need of a high-efficiency block machine but currently live on a tight budget, then you might want to go with our QT9-15E automatic block making machine. This cost-effective brick machine can ...

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    1. QT9-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

      With an ability to pound out 18000 blocks per day, model QT9-15 automatic block making machine is undoubtedly one of the most productive equipment available on the market.

    1. QT10-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

      For customers who go for high productivity and cost-performance ratio, this economical block machine model might be one of your best bets. Model QT10-15 block making machine brings together multiple desirable features ...

    1. QT12-15 Automatic Block Making Machine

      QT12-15 automatic block making machine adopts intelligent control which allows ease of operation by users from the main control table. In a regular 8-hour day, model QT12-15 block machine generally ...

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    1. QT18-20 Automatic Block Making Machine

      For customers who are looking for an upscale block making machine to ramp up your production, model QT18-20 might be the equipment of choice. Amended slightly by adding high-precision configurations ...

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    1. Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

      Whatever the capacity you are looking for on a concrete block production line, please do rest easy that NOAH has the right solution for you. Depending on your budget, factory dimension, and the size of your production run ...

    1. Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line with Rack

      This fully automatic concrete block production line comes with a curing rack on which pallets of blocks can be stacked. If you are a startup concrete block company with tight budgets looking for block machines ...

    1. Simple Concrete Block Production Line

      Advanced German MASA feeder system controls material flow rate and works best with material that contains large aggregates or sands. A consistent discharging feed allows material to be uniformly distributed over different molds.

    1. Concrete Block Sample

      For concrete block machine buyers who are in doubt about the quality of either our block making machine or concrete block production line, we sincerely ask you to send us a request for these concrete block samples listed below.

    1. Concrete Block Moulds

      We at NOAH provide a variety of brick making machines, each type capable of producing various concrete blocks via changing concrete block moulds. To better serve customer specific needs for the concrete block mould, we have set up a specialized mould workshop.

    1. HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant

      Model HZS25 concrete batching plant features a knockdown structure with its parts readily taken apart for easy shipping and storage. Comprised of the batcher, mixer, electrical control and steel framing, HZS25 batch plant ...

    1. HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant

      If a portable concrete batching plant is what you want, then you are in luck. We at NOAH provide a wide range of concrete machinery - including the mobile concrete mixing plant. Made up of a weigh batcher, mixer ...

    1. HZS50 Concrete Batching Plant

      For large concrete producers who go for high productivity, model HZS50 concrete batching plant might be one of best choices. With an ability to produce 50m³ of concrete per hour, this concrete plant is ideal for use on bridge construction sites and giant precast concrete companies.

    1. HZS75 Concrete Batching Plant

      Designed typically for use on medium-sized construction projects, HZS75 concrete batching plant is seen very often at highways, railways, and base course construction sites. Computer-based weighing device is employed for dynamic weighing, suited for use in continuous concrete production process.

  • Concrete Batching Machine

    With NOAH's concrete batching machine, operators can throw sand, gravel and cement in the pre-determined mixing ratio into it. The resultant concrete is generally used on road, bridge, and building construction sites.

  • Concrete Mixer

    NOAH offers 8 different models of concrete mixer. Made of stainless steel, the interior wall of mixer is non-sticky and wear resistant. Compact cycloidal speed reducer takes up only a small space within the installation, providing great convenience in operation.

  • Concrete Tile Forming Machine

    Rated for 3500 tiles per day on an 8-hour basis, NOAH’s concrete tile forming machine can produce a variety of tiles via changing the type of mold used. This tile molding equipment has been very popular in India, Pakistan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Nigeria.