Noah Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Add.: Yue Tong Industrial Zone, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China

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  • Company Profile

  • We at NOAH pride ourselves in the manufacture of concrete block making machine and associated components. Just as importantly, NOAH is a big family of top notch mechanists and sales team who work closely with each other to build an integrated service delivery system that helps customers develop a proper factory layout plan and equipment operator training solution. We invite you to spend a few minutes with us to browse a wide variety of concrete block machine, concrete block production line, concrete mixer, weigh batcher, and much more.

    NOAH is an ISO9001 certified company. We strictly adhere to the ISO9001 standards under which we are certified. We at NOAH use only the best steel to construct a concrete block machine that is worthy of a lifetime of use. Each smart block machine incorporates the SIEMENS PLC system for precise and easy control. If you are looking for an edge in concrete block production industry, please do rest easy that you will benefit from NOAH's intelligent equipment.

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  • History of NOAH

  • 2003
    March: Ningbo Noah Machine Factory is incorporated.
    June: Model NY3-15 concrete block making machine is rolled out to the public.

    January: NOAH builds up the R&D Department.
    May: New QT6-15 block machine design is released.

    February: The QT3-35 block machine is put on the market.
    March: Model QT4-30 block machine hits the market.
    October: NOAH becomes a member of China Block Association, and China Brick and Tile Association.
    November: We attend 2005 Bauma Shanghai, where manufacturers worldwide exhibit their block making machinery.

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  • Quality Control

  • Staffed with a team of highly qualified engineers, NOAH has developed its own core technologies in manufacturing the block machine, concrete block molds, tile machine, concrete mixer, and batch plant. Several senior engineers on NOAH's team are highly respected experts in Chinese concrete brick, block and tile industry. Not just known for our technical strength, NOAH also prides itself on the strict quality control implemented throughout the concrete machinery production process. Each component is precision machined to ensure its seamless fit with other parts and ultimately the reliability of the entire concrete block production system.

    We at NOAH strictly adhere to the ISO9001:2000 standards. Under ISO quality management system, engineers and operators go through each stage of processing to identify the role of production and sales, and to determine the sequence of processes and the factors that would influence adjacent processes. Each process is closely inspected according to 5S methodology.
    1. To ensure the quality management system and process is effectively carried out, NOAH devises related procedures, documentations, and regulations for support.
    2. Specialized personnel, facility, and financial support are used to keep in check the said procedures.
    3. Other necessary measures are taken to examine, monitor, and analyze each stage in the process to find where improvements can be made.

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  • Our Culture

  • Gratitude is a state of mind. It is a mentality that leads you to success. Employees at NOAH should learn to be grateful. Stay grateful for our rivals, people who give criticism and friends who offer support. It all comes down to one word - gratitude. People with a sense of gratitude are capable of living life smoothly. When one knows how to be grateful, he or she can get one step closer to success. After all, no one succeeds alone.

    NOAH's thanks should go to its customers. The customer is always our first priority. It is customer who provides a platform where employees can display themselves. It is customer who makes our work more exciting.

    Our thanks should also be given to employees who contribute greatly to NOAH's success. Because of their contribution, we now understand why results are the only measure of success. Results come first, reasons second.

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  • Factory Visit

  • Come see how we manufacture our concrete block making machine! Located in Ningbo, China, NOAH is the largest block machine manufacturer in Zhejiang Province. People, products and process - That's what makes us stand out from the competition.

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