Noah Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Add.: Yue Tong Industrial Zone, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China

Zip Code: 315170

Tel.: +86-574-88003077

Fax: +86-574-88019988

NOAH is a dedicated manufacturer of brick making machine,tile forming machine, and concrete block production line. We are arguably the largest block machine maker in Zhejiang Province, whether in terms of production capacity or the volume of block machine exports. While we do have a product catalogue, we have seldom sold a product exactly the same as it is listed since each brick making machine has some aspects tailor made to customer specific requirements. Resultant concrete blocks produced by NOAH block machine are widely used on building, road and bridge, dam, parking facility, and commercial streets construction sites. Because of the high price to performance ratio our concrete machinery has offered, customers from all over the world have chosen NOAH as a trusted concrete block machine supplier.

Based on your specific requirements, NOAH is capable of designing different molds to meet your block production needs. NOAH's fully-outfitted facility is where mold design and development activities take place on a daily basis. The mold head (or tamper head) and mold framework we've produced are precision made of wear-resistant material to ensure its rigidity and product size accuracy. The resultant bricks or tiles meet high level of quality.

Listed below is a few of many concrete blocks, bricks or tiles samples produced by NOAN intelligent concrete machinery.