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In addition to the concrete block making machine, NOAH’s another core category is the concrete tile forming machine. Model NH-128 tile making machine works fast and produces more tile pieces per unit time. The tile machine incorporates Mitsubishi PLC system for automated control. All movements are adjusted via hydraulic operation. Every minute, there would be 6 to 8 pieces of tile pounded out from the machine. By changing molds, tile machine operators can produce various other accessory tile and field tile styles: European style, Spanish style, pantile, gray roof tile, Imbrex and Tegula,gutter tile, half-round ridge tile, eaves tile, half round ridge tile, angular ridge tile, hip starter, and eave closure.

Applications of Curbstone
  • British Style
  • Chinese Style
  • Eave Closure
  • Eaves Tile
  • Gutter Tile
  • Eaves Tile
  • Flat Eaves Tile
  • Flat Tile
  • Four-Way
  • Fret
  • Main Ridge
  • Rolled Flat Tile
  • Round Ridge Tile
  • Half-Round Tile
  • Tapered Hip Starter
  • Small Flat Tile
  • Spanish Style Tile(A)
  • Spanish Style Tile(B)
  • Stone Surface Tile
  • Angular Ridge Tile
  • Triangular Hip Starter
  • Angular three-way
  • two-way
  • Pantile

Matched Machine: NH-128 Tile Forming Machine