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To profitably run concrete block production line, an effective operator training system is essential. However, many block machine buyers do not have the facility or experienced operator to properly train their employees and get them up to the concrete block production task. That is why we have hired a team of highly skilled, qualified engineers to provide the buyer company with the most comprehensive machine operator training program. Through NOAH's intensive training courses, operators from buyer companies are sure to upgrade their ability to operate NOAH concrete block production line and ultimately produce the best-in-class concrete blocks, brick pavers, and tiles.

Our Machine Operator Training Program is available in one of two ways listed below.
1. On-site training
2. Tele-Training

On-Site Training
Wherever you are, our highly experienced engineers would arrive at your site in person to provide structured training program. They would walk you through each stage of concrete block production process and help you identify critical quality control points. From choosing an installation site to the ultimate concrete block production, our experts would offer hands-on instructions. One key benefit of on-site training is that operators from buyer companies can get the first-hand operating experience from NOAH's engineer at their own production site while using materials purchased nearby. On-site training program can start immediately after NOAH's concrete equipment arrives at customer's site. The training course generally lasts for 7 to 10 days.

More benefits expected to gain from on-site training:
1. One-off training course joined by a large number of operators.
2. Engineers will use local materials to demonstrate the production process.
3. Engineers will help you choose the most proper production site.
4. Customers are able to install NOAH production line on the instructions of NOAH engineers.

NOAH' s training program is a course in which machine operators receive operating instructions over the internet, from a picture or video, instead of having the engineers available at their production site. Through our tele-training program, operators are able to learn how to use, install, and maintain NOAH concrete block production line as well. These operating instructions are available any time upon customers' request.

Benefits of tele-training
Timely information updates within customers' grasp
Money saving
Time saving

It is important to notice that both ways of training are critical for successful, safe concrete block production operations.